Monday, April 27, 2009

Great friends, a fun weekend that ended so soon...

I can't believe its Monday again, where did the weekend go? Too fast is my answer... but it was such a fun weekend. Friday night Matt and Lindsay and the boys got here around 9 and the boys were sleepy so we thought they would go right to sleep but we were wrong - they got a second wind... but look at their faces!! they are sooo cute I love them to pieces.

On Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Toronto Zoo. They were calling for rain in the afternoon so we wanted to get there early that if it did rain we still got to see most of the Zoo. Well the sky was so blue and no cloud in sight, so we walked and looked at all kinds of cool animals. Us adults enjoyed it but it was so fun to watch the boys!! It was so hot though, it was nice but soo hot so we had to keep hydrated. We were home about 20 min when the strom hit - how cool is our God. He held the rain off till we got home!!

We forgot Ty's hat so he wore my hubby's all day - does he not look so cute here pointing at one of the animals. The boys were so good all day - and my husband and I had so much fun with them and their parents.

here you can see my hubby carrying Ty and Matt (the boys daddy) carrying Nate and my dear sweet friend Lindsay (their mommy) taking the picture from behind. I am so sad the weekend is over already but it was such a fun time. It was what I was needing to remind myself that even though geographically we aren't close friends we are in our hearts. I thank God for putting Matt and Lindsay in mine and my husbands lives because they are such great friends and so fun to be around. Don't you love how God puts people in your life like that - people that you can be yourself around and they still like you. People that you know will just always be your friends!! Its cool when you know you have people like that in your life and I don't think I can say I've really ever had friends like that before... so I guess even though this post is about our fun weekend its also an "ode" to friendship and how important it is in our lives.
I will leave you with one more photo from the weekend because lets face it these two little boys are two cute for words and yes I was like the paparazzi all weekend taking their photos. What did you do this weekend? did you have good weather?


  1. Oh my gosh, deat by cute!! those pictures are precious!!!

  2. Adorable - they are really cute little boys!
    Can you believe it Katie, it's snowed again last night! I thought for sure we were done by now - uhhh! My weekend was good though, I got some stuff done and had a movie day with my Mom and sister and sister-in-law. I'm glad you had a good time with your friends and their boys!

  3. oh my goodness.. I love them.. looks like such a fun adn amazing weekend and yeah for zoo weather.. i cant wait till my lil one is old enough to enjoy the zoo! so fun:)