Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh the joys of rainy days and weekends...

Well its Friday again and it seems like it took forever for the weekend to get here even though I've had a short work week, as we got back from vacation on Tuesday, but I am so glad its the weekend. The only thing that would make me even happier would be for this rain to go away and the sun to shine like it did/does in Arizona.... there is just something about waking up to sunshine everyday. It does your body and spirits good! I know I promised pictures and they are coming maybe this weekend I will get them up as I don't really have anything too exciting planned for the weekend. Catching up on some much needed sleep, relaxing - yes I know I just got back from Vacation but you know how sometimes you need a vacation after a vacation - and just doing some grocery shopping and spring organizing. I really do hope spring is hear although I have heard that horrible "S" (snow) word mentioned for the weather for cast next week. NO snow for Easter please, snow for Christmas yes but not for Easter! Well I hope whatever your weekend holds you have a great one and I hope somebody gets sunshine for the weekend - if it cant be me it might as well be you!!

On a TV note - I was sad to see ER end last night. Really makes me feel old as I remember when it first aired and how my family was avid watchers - now over the years I haven't been a faithful watcher as the "originals" have left but it was still sad to see it end last night. It was always one of those shows that was fun to catch up on and watch an episode here and there. I was kinda disappointed in the episode I thought it would be more "dramatic" I guess but it was cool how it ended the same way it began so many years ago. So farewell to a TV show that I think ran a good run it is still sad its over.


  1. I know, I've never really watched ER, but all the good-bye previews of the final episode were making me sad!
    Your plans for the weekend are pretty much the same as mine! Rest and go grocery shopping.

  2. I loved ER was I was younger, too! After the originals left my family stopped watching. I cannot believe how long that show was on the air.

    We have about the same exciting plans with yard work and a baby mixed in there! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I know, I thought the series finale was great of ER and was sad to see it end too, even though I wasn't an avid watcher!!!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog, super cute! ER was the only tv show we were allowed to watch growing up that wasn't on discovery or history channel. I feel like I grew up with them! I haven't watched it in 3-4 years, but I definitely caught the finale. It's weird to think it is over!

  5. oh dear! i remember sitting at temple listening to you and tara reid talk about it (i wasn't allowed to watch it haha)
    it was sad...sadder was that g.c. didn't do an appearance!