Friday, April 24, 2009

They're coming TODAY!!!

Its Friday, finally and that means my friends and babies are coming today... oh how excited am I??? really excited!!! The weather today started off beautifully and now is really dark and about to rain but thats ok because no rain can take my excitement and happiness away today!! The house is clean or it was when I left for work this morning... the baking is done, beds are made, wash is done, now I just need my company!! I also am praying the weather holds up for tomorrow. All week they have been saying its going to be hot and sunny and now today they are calling for chance of rain. The zoo will be 100% better if we have cooperating weather - but I know even if the weather doens't do what I want it to do it will be a good weekend. God has a funny way sometimes of answering my prayers and I guess its His weekend after all so whatever happens happens for a reason. I had a weird dream last night - weird in the sense that it was one of those real life things where you wake up and think was that real??? I dreamt I had a baby, I was a mommy.... and I know some of you know understand why it was so painful and hard to "wake" up from it. It really just was a dream and oh how my heart broke all over again - then I find out a friend is pregnat with TWINS... she gets not one but two babies.... and my heart breaks again... I tell you my poor hear is being held together by super glue or something the amount of times its been broken over the past few months - but I am trying to put it all asside all my worries, my feelings, my emotions for the weekend and just focus on having FUN!! thats what weekend are for aren't they? thats what friends are for arent they? its funny I always think to myself I wish I had more friends because when I look at other people they are "busting at the seams" with friends its seems and yes by most peoples opionion I dont have alot of friends but then when I start thinking that way I remember the few friends I do have and man are they great friends... so I guess I wouldn't trade my couple good friends for lots of friends. So whatever your weekend holds enjoy it with the people that matter and HAVE FUN!!


  1. Katie, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your friends!! I will be praying for you. I have no idea what it feels like to want a baby, but I do know what it feels like to have to trust God and his perfect timing. I know at times that can be a challenge. I can tell you though, from experience, God's timing is perfect!!!

  2. After I read that it sounded kind of bad. I meant we were surprised by Brody, but of course we wanted him! Haha!

  3. I'm the same way, I don't have oodles of friends, but the ones I have are good friends! I think it can be better to have a few really good friends than lots of iffy friends . . . so I agree!