Monday, April 6, 2009

Its begining to look alot like Christmas... in April!!

Yes this is what I woke up to this morning... to say the least I was not impressed especially after yesterday seemed like Spring was really here. Oh how God has a sense of humour sometimes I think. It just reconfirmed how much I wish I was still here...Its sad that I was laying there just one week ago - enjoying the heat and the beautiful blue sky's that they have every single day!! Oh how I am seriously considering jumping on my husbands "move to Arizona" bandwagon. But we'll see as much fun as it would be to move south it would be alot of work being Canadian and all. I had a good weekend even though Saturday was cold and rainy but its a nice day to relax and do some running around and I love cleaning my house when its a day like that because then I don't feel guilty for not being outside. Then we were blessed at church yesterday with a great sermon that really got me thinking about the whole idea of giving Jesus my "donkey". Now donkey of course is a symbol as we find in Matthew 21 where Jesus is about to ride into the city and he asks for his followers to go bring him a donkey. I will post more questions to think about later but it was a wonderful sermon and got me all the more excited for Easter - the time were we can celebrate our Saviours death and glorious Resurrection. The weather yesterday was also so wonderful I was about to spend some time outside and even got a wonderful long walk in - so long that I almost had to carry my puppy the rest of the way home he was so tired. I know I promised pictures so here are a few for our 10 days in Arizona. I love many of the states but I think this one so far has won me over - if you ever have the chance to vist you should especially the Grand Canyon.
Me and my husband at mom and dads new "winter" house - did I mention they now own 2 houses and a cottage... CRAZY!!

Me and my hunny at the Grand Canyon - its a bit cooler there because of the altitude.

My husband was giving many people including my mother a heart attack
- being a dare devil or just a boy

me and my husband before dinner one night... yes my husband is a geek ;)

So there you have it a bit of a look into our trip. I want to quickly give a shout out to my new follower. I was thinking yesterday how cool this whole blogging world is - how people I have never met actually find what I write interesting and they read what I write and how its so neat that most of these people if we lived in the same town I probably would be good friends with because we have alot in common. But then I was thinking how do I get more people to read me and follow me and low and behold I sign on today and a new follower I have - a blog I have never read but now after reading a bit about her I see we have alot in common to... The body of Christ is so cool because it makes you "brothers and sisters" and through this blogging world we can be friends to know another and be that encouragement and friendship that we all need.


  1. This weather is A JOKE! I'm so over it! It's freezing here in Memphis today. Yesterday it was like 70. GRRRRR!!

  2. It's so cold here, too! Not snowing cold, but too cold for April that's for sure. I'm about to go crazy!! I think I might just move to Arizona, too!! haha!!

    The trip looks like it was a lot of fun!

  3. who is that unbelievably good looking man in those pictures??? oh wait thats me :)
    your geeky husband
    love ya

  4. well our weather here is about the same... 80 one day and today 29!! WHAT!! My allergies cannot take it at all!!! Love all the pictures from your vacation.. you and your husband are way cute together.. love his comment above mine! way cute:) Also, yeah for have 2 vacation homes to visit! lucky!

  5. It looks lik eyou had a great time! I lov eyour pictures! You are so right, it's great to find people on here that we have alot in common with! Expand upon the "donkey" thing - you have peaked my curiosity!

    P.S. Thanks for the encouragement on my last post. *smile*