Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Already???

Well its hard to believe its Friday already - I didn't even get a short week like all my American friends did and yet this week still flew by! I don't have much to blog about - I have really be debating posting something on the whole Jon & Kate situation as I am an avid fan and love watching the show - so I have been "wrestling" with the idea of doing a posting about my thoughts on it but I have decided not to - not because I dont care or because I dont have an opioion or thoughts on the situation but simply because we don't really know the truth behind the whole situation so to make comments, accusation ect on something we dont know the truth about would be wrong. Also it really is none of my buisness - even though they have choosen to be a public figure by doing the show and have open themselves and their lives up for us all to watch their decisions and lives are theirs to live and they will be held accountable for their actions one day. I just have to leave it in God's hands and pray for both of them that they will fight for their marriage and for their family and for the children in all this I pray that they will feel loved and a sense of security even in all this crap for lack of a better word.

SO here are a few random thoughts/comment from this week and going into the weekend!
  • Watched the Bachlorette and Jon and Kate on Monday night - great tv night
  • Husband finally returns today for atleast the weekend
  • Going to try out a new ice cream cake recipe to take to dinner tomorrow night
  • Going to dinner at Kinsley and Demi's tomorrow night - going to have a fabulous night of visiting and loving on their baby boy
  • Had a great girlie time this morning visiting over tea
  • Anticipating great weather this weekend
  • Going out on a date night tonight with the hubs - dinner and a movie so looking foward to it
  • Have been majorly slacking this week in the blogging area- life is just too busy yet too boring all in one
  • So happy to see I have another new follower - shout out to you please leave me a comment so I know who you are
Well those are all random facts/comments and I apologize they are all over the place but just trying to get the brain to slow down so I can get all my thoughts out. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Are you doing anything exciting??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A new American Idol and one happy girl...

HE DID IT!!! HE WON!!!! Way to go Kris Allen you deserved to win and I was relieving my childhood days as I jumped up and down and screamed with joy when he was announced the winner. So proud of all my Arkansas friends who voted you all must be so proud of one of "your own" winning!! I was so glad when I saw his wife get up there and hug him - she must be so proud. I can't imagine if that was my husband I would be dying to get up there and hug him and kiss him with pride. I am not only a happy girl cause he won - how sad and pathetic would that be - its Thursday that means tomorrow I get to see my husband... oh how I can't wait!! I am thinking we will probably go to the cottage again as they are calling for fabulous weather and what better place to be then escape the busy city life and head to the quiet relaxing cottage maybe even get a little golf game in. I love living in the city don't get me wrong but I also love escaping to the cottage on the weekends to just relax. I have been really journaling alot - if you know me you know I love to journal my thoughts and I find it therapeutic to look back on what I've written years ago and see what God has taught me and brought me through . I am just compelled today to be thankful. There really is so much I could sit her and complain about - I don't even need to give examples because giving into listing all I have to be sad about, to complain about takes the Joy the Lord has given me away. I am choosing this day to be thankful. Thankful for so much that I really do take for granted. Simple pleasures like the weather, health, a place to live and sleep, food to eat, vehicle to drive, gas to make my vehicle run, a husband, a husband who loves God and loves me despite all my flaws, my families (both mine and my husbands) and the list really could go on... how about that its almost summer that means sundresses and sandals my favorite time of year. There really is so much to be thankful for but I so often especially lately have been letting my complaining and the things I don't have cover and hid all I do have and all the things I should be thankful for. So what are you thankful for TODAY!?! Honestly if you think about it, it just may be the "medicine" you need to cheer you up today!!

I beat I know what Kris Allen is thankful for today!! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump day...

Well I had a fabulous weekend with my husband at the cottage - although it rained Saturday and was really chilly on Sunday, Monday was beautiful and the sun was shinning it was great. Got to spend time with our friends up there and their little boys so all in all it was a great long weekend that went by all too fast. Now I am back to being "single" for the week and it still sucks... after 3 weeks of this you think I would be getting use to it but I'm not I like being married and I miss my husband. I have had alot of time to watch shows I enjoy since he isn't here "stealing" the remote to watch the nhl games etc. Did you watch the Bachelorette? I watched it with my girlfriend Lindsay... I can't really say who I like and don't like yet its too soon to really "know" the guys but I think they are trying to make it more dramatic then the Bachelor so it will be interesting... after all I am rooting for Jillian not only because she is awesome but she is Canadian come on that in itself makes her great and she is gorgeous as well. I am also excited for AI finale tonight. I am hoping that Kris wins after all he has been my favorite since the beginning of the show but I have a sick feeling Adam will win - but whatever happens I know Kris will go far in the music industry and I can't wait to buy his cd. If I could vote (seen as we can't in Canada) I would have been voting like crazy just like my blogger friend Jennifer was last night. I hope it worked and Kris wins... The weather today is so beautiful out - nice little breeze with warm temperatures. It is getting me all too excited for summer. I am just hoping the weather is here to stay! I have way more to say but I have a headache and I think it is partly to do stress - just alot on my mind ya know. I know we all go through times like that when you wish your brain had an on/off switch. I really could use that right now. So I will post more when I can digest all the "stuff" in my brain and maybe then my posts will be more exciting. Please pray for my blogger friend Crystal her baby Bentley had open heart surgery this morning. So pray pray pray! We have a great God who is the great Physician and the great Healer so I know she is in good hands but we can never pray too much. Well this is officially the middle of the week and even though I've had a short week with having Monday as a holiday I am still looking forward to the weekend :) I know Im crazy about my weekends but who isn't??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's gone...

Wow I can't believe Danny got voted off last night - although I have been rooting for Kris since the beginning I was really hoping the finale two would be Danny and Kris. Personally I think they both are the most talented and versatile but alas I guess America disagrees with me - its too bad Canadians can't vote... but lets be real her all three of the boys will make great music careers and really they are all going to go places - American Idol was just their beginning really.

Well He - my husband - is still gone too :( but I will be seeing him tomorrow night and I can't wait. He is going to meet me at my parents cottage for the whole weekend - and since here in Canada it is a long weekend that means I get an extra day with him. I can't wait!!!! all you married women out understand my excitement. Now I'm just praying for some nice weather so we can lay on the dock and just relax all weekend long!!!

So tonight is another big night in television - sad that this post is mostly about tv shows I know but with a clean house, lots of baking done and the husband still away tv is the next best thing to occupy my time - Grey's Anatomy promises to be a good show again tonight. Although I personally (and yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions) think last week was the best show ever in all the season of Grey's it was the prefect mix of drama, love, sadness and happiness all in one hour I am excited to see what tonight's show will hold. I am also particularly happy because my sister is coming home tonight so I don't have to watch it alone again - its so embarrassing sitting on the couch with my dog by myself crying over a show.... I have heard rumours that Izzy dies and rumours she lives... I am a huge Izzy fan she is probably my favorite character so of course I want her to live but I don't understand at this point how she can live and still be a good vibrant character but we will see.

So my week again has been busy with cleaning, baking, coffee dates and tonight I will be heading after work shopping with my sister for shoes for a wedding she is in this weekend. Nothing like leaving it to last minute Sis but hey I'm happy to help. Shoes and shopping two of my favorite things.... then gotta watch my Greys - then tomorrow morning head to my cousins for tea and cuddling her sweet baby - then work for a bit and then heading to the cottage - makes me tired just thinking about it all but I'm so excited too. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for me in my journey to be a mommy. The days are still really hard for me right now - I'm not sure if Mother's Day is still looming over me or what but something is keeping me down but I am praying harder each day and I know this is all bringing me that much closer to my sweet friend Jesus. I received on my last post a comment from someone who has walked in my shoes and someone I have grown to admire. It was a simply sweet comment but one that encouraged me and literally made my day. It reminded me that even in my journey and struggle I need to be reaching out and encouraging others because I know how much it means to be thought of and receive notes/comments of encouragement myself that people are thinking and praying for me. So thank you to my sweet blogger friends who are praying for me and write me and encouragement it means alot - you are being the hands and feet of Jesus to my broken heart right now and I pray His riches blessing on you and your family's as you have been blessing me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A busy week and a difficult day...

I have been so busy and have been ignoring my blog a bit too much and I feel terrible about that. *just so you know even though I didnt have time to post on my blog - maybe that was because I didn't know what to say or how to say how I was feeling, I always made time to check out your new posts *

I know my last blog I promised pictures from my weekend at the cottage - of course I forgot my camera. Then last week my husband left on Monday for a week away on business which he will be for the next 3 weeks. So in order to try and not miss him tooooo much (obviously I'm going to miss him) I was planning to try and keep busy maybe even start a scrapbook but as the week played out there wasn't time for it.

Let's see Monday (last Monday) my sister came home for the day so we went out for dinner with my parents then we headed to watch my brothers first baseball game of the season - only person missing on the team was my husband whom will be playing when he is done all this travelling for work.

So I figured oh Tuesday I will update my blog - well my cousin who is getting married in October called me and wanted to go for coffee so of course I couldn't pass on the opportunity to hang out with her and help her with wedding stuff. While we were out for coffee she asked me to sing at her wedding while the girls are walking down the isle. Of course I said yes and I feel very honoured - I have sung at weddings before but I just feel very special to be part of her big day.

Wednesday I went for dinner with my mom and then we did some shopping for new carpet for the cottage and some other fun stuff.

Thursday night I of course could not miss Grey's Anatomy - I had already missed all my other shows that week so I was not missing Grey's then I did some house cleaning and baking so I had some good eats for my hubby when he got home on Friday to a clean house. Friday finally came and he got home with flowers in hand - he is the best!! We went out just the two of us for dinner on Friday night and had a wonderful evening just the two of us.... on Saturday we went for a run in the morning before making a great breakfast but only got half way through our run when it started to pour... but I love to run in the rain - needless to say we were soaked when we got home but it was fun. That afternoon we headed to my cousins house and hang out there for the evening and got to enjoy their company and their little baby. It was a fun evening for us both but holding that baby made my heart ache even more for a baby of my own - and I knew Sunday would be a hard day.

Mother's Day - I knew it would be tough but I never knew it would be that hard for me. I had planned a special meal for my mom - I wanted to make her day as special as I could because she truly deserved it. plus I thought if I get busy doing a big meal and stuff for her it will help me feel better and I won't feel as sad and I wont hurt as bad. Well of course I wake up in the most foul mood - sorry hunny!! and I knew why so I worked hard a biting my tongue all morning and as I sat in my pew at church singing the words to the most beautiful songs filled with words of truth I thought ok God you know I need your help today - I thought I was holding it together well until the baby dedications happened and then the tears just flowed and I couldn't get the valve to shut off on them. My heart broke and for a minute I was angry. Angry that everyone else around me was a mommy, they had their beautiful babies they had a day special designated to them a day that only brings pain to me. I quickly got control of my attitude and I tried to just be grateful I still have a mom - I thought of my dad and how today was his first mothers day without his mom - and how he must be hurting too. Sure his hurt was different from mine but pain is pain, right. We went home and I cook what I think was a hit of a meal... I had fun doing it to. All in all I'm glad mothers day is over for this year - and only God knows what next mothers day will bring for me. And although my pain is still there today my sadness remains I am trying to be positive and look for the flowers in today.

Today marks the start of a new week, another week where my husband is gone - but I already have plans again this week so I hope it will be a good week, it will go quickly and then the weekend will be here which happens to be for us Canadians a long weekend. Now if we can have great weather for our long weekend at the cottage that will be a cherry on top.

I hope everyone had a great mothers day - its been fun and hard at the same time to read about other blogger's first mothers days as mom and it looks/sounds like everyone had a great day.

Not that my mom reads my blog but if for some reason she did I just want to say I love you mom and am so thankful for you. I feel blessed to have you as my mom and not only my mom but as my friend too. You're the best!!

My beautiful mom!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday again....

It is Friday again - I guess I just kept myself so busy this week that the week flew by but that's alright because now its the weekend again!! We will be heading up to the cottage this weekend and I am hoping we have fabulous weather like last weekend. After having 3 days of rain this week I hope the rain is out of the weather system after all April shower's should be over because it is now MAY!!! but I won't complain because I would rather have rain than snow like my blogger friend Callie keeps getting. My husband is in a fishing tournament this weekend - the first of the season so I am hoping he has fun and maybe even wins - extra cash is always nice. I'm not sure what my weekend will entail as he is fishing - but if its nice weather I will definitely spend alot of time outside enjoying it. We are heading to Matt and Lindsay's for dinner on Saturday night so that will be fun to see the boys again and hang out with friends.

Its hard to believe May is here already - next month I will be celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe its been 2 years but then other times it seems much longer than that. I'm already thinking about what we could do for fun to celebrate - of course we don't want to do anything too expensive with the economy the way it is and trying to save for a house and the fact we have already taken 2 trips this year already and are taking one again in July so we'll have to be creative. Any suggestions of things you and your husband have done to celebrate?

Monday my husband is leaving on business for the week - he will be home on the weekends but he will be gone a total of 3-6 weeks depending on how long the job takes to get done. I am definitely not looking forward to that but I am just glad he has a good job right now and so that is all I keep reminding myself of. I'm not sure what I will do with the spare time... I would love to start scrap booking but I am so scared because I don't think I'm creative enough. Any scrapbookers out there that would care to share some advice to getting started? I was given a bunch of scrap booking stuff from a lady who owned a store but I have never used it and I would love to especially now that I'm going to have some free time on my hands.

Well I hope you have a great weekend and great weather wherever you live. Hey if it does rain at least I have a good book I'm dying to get through so it will give me the perfect excuse to just read all day.

P.S. Sorry I have no photo to post but I'm sure after the weekend I will :)