Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump day...

Well I had a fabulous weekend with my husband at the cottage - although it rained Saturday and was really chilly on Sunday, Monday was beautiful and the sun was shinning it was great. Got to spend time with our friends up there and their little boys so all in all it was a great long weekend that went by all too fast. Now I am back to being "single" for the week and it still sucks... after 3 weeks of this you think I would be getting use to it but I'm not I like being married and I miss my husband. I have had alot of time to watch shows I enjoy since he isn't here "stealing" the remote to watch the nhl games etc. Did you watch the Bachelorette? I watched it with my girlfriend Lindsay... I can't really say who I like and don't like yet its too soon to really "know" the guys but I think they are trying to make it more dramatic then the Bachelor so it will be interesting... after all I am rooting for Jillian not only because she is awesome but she is Canadian come on that in itself makes her great and she is gorgeous as well. I am also excited for AI finale tonight. I am hoping that Kris wins after all he has been my favorite since the beginning of the show but I have a sick feeling Adam will win - but whatever happens I know Kris will go far in the music industry and I can't wait to buy his cd. If I could vote (seen as we can't in Canada) I would have been voting like crazy just like my blogger friend Jennifer was last night. I hope it worked and Kris wins... The weather today is so beautiful out - nice little breeze with warm temperatures. It is getting me all too excited for summer. I am just hoping the weather is here to stay! I have way more to say but I have a headache and I think it is partly to do stress - just alot on my mind ya know. I know we all go through times like that when you wish your brain had an on/off switch. I really could use that right now. So I will post more when I can digest all the "stuff" in my brain and maybe then my posts will be more exciting. Please pray for my blogger friend Crystal her baby Bentley had open heart surgery this morning. So pray pray pray! We have a great God who is the great Physician and the great Healer so I know she is in good hands but we can never pray too much. Well this is officially the middle of the week and even though I've had a short week with having Monday as a holiday I am still looking forward to the weekend :) I know Im crazy about my weekends but who isn't??

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  1. I'm with you, I really hope Kris wins American idol. I will be so depressed if Adam wins. I tried to vote for Kris several times last night, but the line was busy every time I called - so hopefully that's a good sign.