Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's gone...

Wow I can't believe Danny got voted off last night - although I have been rooting for Kris since the beginning I was really hoping the finale two would be Danny and Kris. Personally I think they both are the most talented and versatile but alas I guess America disagrees with me - its too bad Canadians can't vote... but lets be real her all three of the boys will make great music careers and really they are all going to go places - American Idol was just their beginning really.

Well He - my husband - is still gone too :( but I will be seeing him tomorrow night and I can't wait. He is going to meet me at my parents cottage for the whole weekend - and since here in Canada it is a long weekend that means I get an extra day with him. I can't wait!!!! all you married women out understand my excitement. Now I'm just praying for some nice weather so we can lay on the dock and just relax all weekend long!!!

So tonight is another big night in television - sad that this post is mostly about tv shows I know but with a clean house, lots of baking done and the husband still away tv is the next best thing to occupy my time - Grey's Anatomy promises to be a good show again tonight. Although I personally (and yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions) think last week was the best show ever in all the season of Grey's it was the prefect mix of drama, love, sadness and happiness all in one hour I am excited to see what tonight's show will hold. I am also particularly happy because my sister is coming home tonight so I don't have to watch it alone again - its so embarrassing sitting on the couch with my dog by myself crying over a show.... I have heard rumours that Izzy dies and rumours she lives... I am a huge Izzy fan she is probably my favorite character so of course I want her to live but I don't understand at this point how she can live and still be a good vibrant character but we will see.

So my week again has been busy with cleaning, baking, coffee dates and tonight I will be heading after work shopping with my sister for shoes for a wedding she is in this weekend. Nothing like leaving it to last minute Sis but hey I'm happy to help. Shoes and shopping two of my favorite things.... then gotta watch my Greys - then tomorrow morning head to my cousins for tea and cuddling her sweet baby - then work for a bit and then heading to the cottage - makes me tired just thinking about it all but I'm so excited too. Thanks to those of you who have been praying for me in my journey to be a mommy. The days are still really hard for me right now - I'm not sure if Mother's Day is still looming over me or what but something is keeping me down but I am praying harder each day and I know this is all bringing me that much closer to my sweet friend Jesus. I received on my last post a comment from someone who has walked in my shoes and someone I have grown to admire. It was a simply sweet comment but one that encouraged me and literally made my day. It reminded me that even in my journey and struggle I need to be reaching out and encouraging others because I know how much it means to be thought of and receive notes/comments of encouragement myself that people are thinking and praying for me. So thank you to my sweet blogger friends who are praying for me and write me and encouragement it means alot - you are being the hands and feet of Jesus to my broken heart right now and I pray His riches blessing on you and your family's as you have been blessing me.


  1. Noooo! I haven't watched Idol yet (we DVR'd it while we're on our trip). But now I know! NOOOO! Danny was my favorite.
    I'm still praying for you, Katie!

  2. Thanks for sharing! So neat to see where everyone is from.

    Thank you so much for your prayers! It means the WORLD to us!!!

  3. Danny was my favourite and was really hoping he would win:( I was so sad when he got the boot!!

  4. You're so precious!!!

    I'm rooting for Chris now on AI, and how awesome was Grey's? COMPLETELY!!!! :)

  5. Hi! I just came across your blog. Please know that I have said (and will continue to say) prayers for you. My husband and I went through a couple years of infertility. And while everyone's journey is different, they are all difficult. I will pray for peace for you as you try to understand God's timing.