Thursday, October 29, 2009

If God is so good then why do bad things happen to good people?

An area in my life and walk with Christ that I have been struggling with is this whole area of "Bad things happening to Good people." I think growing up in a Christian family, attending christian schools and having a personal relationship with Christ I have always known that bad things happen to all of us, Christian or not, and that just because I follow and desire to be like Christ that doesn't mean my life will be easy. I think last Sept (2008) is when it really hit me that bad things really do happen to good people. When my friend's husband was killed instantly, a man that truly lived his life to glorify God and lead others to Him, a "good" person not just by my standards but by the worlds as well or in Oct of 2008 when my grandmother was taken by the evil and horrible disease of cancer. A lady who was a dedicated wife to a pastor,loving mom and grandmother a very faithful prayer warrior, a "good" person. I hear every day of little babies loosing their lives to illnesses and even in my own life there are areas where I am like why God are you allowing these bad things happen to me.

So I wanted to share a few things God has been teaching me in this whole journey to really see what my Bible and what God has to say about this question if you will.

*Remember I am no Bible scholar this is just from my heart and some of the things I've been learning*

1. Some of the harsh things we face are initiated by God who is simply enforcing justice.
2. Our choices have consequences.
3. God is not the creator of evil and suffering
3. Though suffering is not good God can and does use it to accomplish good.
4. God can use pain to draw us to Himself
5. God can use trails to sharpen the character of us
6. God disciplines His children to teach us the right path to take
7. God uses bad circumstances to bring about good ends
8. The day is coming when suffering will cease and evil will be judged
9. Any suffering we experience in this life pales in comparison with the good God has in store for us
10. We get to decide whether our pain is going to harder or soften us
11. God promises to walk with us in our pain and suffering if we only let Him.

Wow how God been streeeeetching and teaching me alot and I still have alot to learn but I hope that me sharing a bit will maybe help someone else out there who may be kinda asking God that same question. The only thing I know forsure is that my little brain will never learn and know all there is to know here on earth but oh what a happy day when I see my Creator face to face, I think then all my questions will be answered with just the look at His face.

"God is always good, always good IS God!!"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday already...

Well I know I said I would update daily with things Im thankful for so I think I missed three days so I have some making up to do, but in my defense not that I really need to defend myself after all it is my blog but anyways we have had a very very busy weekend filled with a wedding, birthday party and house paper signing!!

First thing today I am thankful for is Love.

I was asked to sing at my cousins wedding and I accepted the request so on Saturday I did so. It was a beautiful wedding. Weddings are so much fun. A great excuse to get dressed up, catch up with friends and family, watch two people embark on their new journey together and watch them commit themselves to each other before God. I am such a mushy person to - I just love LOVE (If that makes sense) I also received a special message from a friend late last night in which she finished by saying "I love ya " which just melted my heart. I love to be told I am loved. I think we all do. I am sad that the word "Love" gets over used all the time. It get thrown around like we love chocolate, we love our coach bag, we love Fall, ect I am just as guilty but when you truly love someone it changes you. It changes how you treat someone. Here are some pictures from our busy weekend.

Me singing at the wedding...

My super hot husband and I at the reception...

The newly married couple...

On Sunday we spent the day with my husbands family celebrating his Nana's 85th birthday. 85... I can't even imagin getting to that age but God has blessed her to live that long. It was a busy yet fun day spent with family. We ate so much delicious food and also got to go flying.

Here my brother in law and I are flying up over his house. Can I just restate someone I have said before - our God is such a creator. When your up in the sky you can see the tops of the trees and man it looks like a painted picture. It is literally breath taking. The view was so gorgeous!

I guess today I am also thankful for family, for life and for a new week. As much as I do not like Mondays it reminds me that we are beginning a new week. A new week in which God has blessed us and given us the chance to enjoy life, live for him, love others and make a difference in this world. Today is a gift, not our right! So even though it is really cold and rainy here and I wish I could have stayed in my warm bed, reading a book or drinking tea I am thankful I have today even if it is Monday!

How was your weekend? What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st...things I'm thankful for

Ok so now that it is officially October 1st - which may I add where did the summer and September go??? - I will start my daily list of things I am thankful for. Now I need to make a mention here that this list is not in order of "Most thankful to least thankful" or anything they will be all randomly depending on the day and how Im feeling .... so whatever that day I feel most thankful for I will blog about - and I will try and only pick one thing... otherwise we could be here awhile.

So I encourage you to join in...we have soooo much to be thankful for really we do so what are you thankful for?

Today I am thankful for Fall - the actual season...I keep hearing people say "Fall's my favorite time of year" and I've always thought its not mine -I like the summer the hot weather and I love love Christmas time... but you know I really do love Fall to.

I today am especially thankful for the colours of Fall. Is our God not the most beautiful Creator and picks the best colour for fall. I love Fall decorating especially because of the colour palate it uses: Orange, Mustard Yellow, Green, Red, Brown, the list could keep going but such rich colours. I am sad that this year I won't really get to do much fall decorating as most of our place is all boxed up for our move this month so by the time we move and unpack I'll be getting right into Christmas mode I think but I am still enjoying reading your blogs and seeing your lovely decorating for this Fall season...