Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something to get excited about...

I just found out yesterday that our sweet and very dear friends Matt and Lindsay are coming to stay with us for the weekend with their twin boys... these little 18months old boys are so cute and keep you busy. They will be arriving tomorrow night for the weekend and on Saturday we are heading to the Toronto zoo which will be so fun to take the boys to and plus they are calling for great weather all weekend so this is just music to my ears. This is the news I've needed this week... now I'm just busy cleaning and baking... I love to entertain, although I don't get to do it alot, so I'm trying to be the best hostess I can. I will definitely take lots of pictures of the boys this weekend and enjoy being with my husband and our best friends. God is good - he sends the "ray of sunshine" just in the middle of our storms.

So any predictions as to who will win American Idol? All I can say is I am happy with who is left although Adam is talented I really don't want him to win - I just find him a bit odd and arrogant, but that's my opinion. So your thoughts? And what is your favorite thing about Spring?


  1. I think Danny is going to win - he's the best I think. I don't know about Adam either - he's kind of odd. I don't like him too much. I really think it will come down to Adam and Danny, and Danny will win. That's my theory.
    My favorite thing about spring is seeing the trees bud and breaking out my summer clothes! IUt's actually been very warm this week, to make up for last week's storm!

  2. Oh my gosh.. i cannot wait to hear all about your weekend and see picturs:) have a blast:) we will be with our lil nephew all weekend at our in-laws.. love playing with lil ones;)