Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its only Tuesday...

I guess after being on a "high" from such a busy but fun weekend it feels like the week is dragging on - not to mention I am still exhausted from the weekend. I usually sleep in on the weekends but having two little super sweet boys who wake up early I choose to rise at 7:30 both Saturday and Sunday which my body isn't used to so I am still "catching" on my sleep. Today the weather is not very nice and its raining but I still choose to go for my jog/walk this morning but had to cut it short as my puppy was freezing cold due to the rain. I am hoping the weather clears up for the weekend as we are heading to the cottage because my husband is in a fishing tournament this weekend. Plus then I get to see the little boys again and hang out with my dear friend again so if the weather turns nice again it will be a fabulous weekend again. Tonight I am heading to my cousins to hang out with her and my other cousin (her sister) so it should be a good time for us and our spouses to hang out. What are you doing this fine Tuesday night? Are you watching American Idol??

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  1. Tonight I'm baking a pizza, and probably watching either Biggest Loser or American Idol (we have DVR, so I'll get to watch both at some point). And Derek's bringing home pizza! It should ba nice time. Have fun with your cousins!