Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I know two posts in one day...

I don't really have a great post to write but I have a couple things on the brain that I would like to say so I apologize in advance that its not all "put together" but here you have it.

1.) A dear dear friend of mine is being induced to have her baby boy tomorrow morning and so I would like to ask all of you to say a prayer for her - just for everything to go smoothly and for her to have the emotional and physical strength she will need. This girl is very special to me and maybe one day I will do a post on her and how she has challenged and help change my life in ways she probably doesn't even know. I know most of you that know I am struggling to get pregnant right now are wondering why I am so happy about my friend having this baby - the simple truth is a have such a joy for her and a peace from God about this. I know of many people whom have had babies recently and sure I'm happy for them but their happiness brings a sadness and pain for me but not with her. Without going into specifies I just want to say she "deserves" this baby - this little bit of new life, this hope and excitement. To my sweet friend I will be praying for you all day tomorrow. Sending you love and prayers right now.

2.) I am happy to say that the weather here today is sunny and the snow is finally melting. I know its sad to write about the weather that is usually something you talk about when its an awkward situation and your trying to "break the ice" so to say but I just had to say I'm happy about the change in the weather and I am hoping that it will stay like this for a nice sorta spring Easter weekend. Not to mention I almost killed myself trying to jog yesterday with my dog - icy sidewalks and jogging with a puppy who was very excited and tended to pull alot yesterday did not make for a very safe jog.

3.) I have not been feeling well for a while now struggling with headaches, sleeplessness, heart palpitations and some other symptoms. I know most of you are thinking so go to the doctor. But you see I have a fear of doctors not to mention I don't have a family doctor in town so I would have to drive 45 min to me old family doctor. I know excuses excuses but I'm so scared that he will say something serious is wrong with me so just pray for me that I feel better soon or that I get the courage to go to the doctor because as it was last night between my mother and my husband they are planning to set me an appointment without my permission so I will keep you posted.

4.) I currently have 8 followers and I am so excited about that and feel very hounoured that these 8 wonderful ladies are following my silly little blog. I find each one of you very unique and special in your own ways and I enjoy so much reading your blogs but I would love to have more followers. SO if your out there and you to find what I say interesting enough that you check back here often I encourage you to be one of my "followers" - that makes me sound like I'm important to have followers but I'm really not - I would love to have 10 followers by next Friday and although I have no idea how to get more followers - if you have suggestions let me know please but I will just put it out there and see. I know in my own life I have "found" random or what I thought were to be random blogs but I know see how God orchestrated for me to find these blogs to challenge me or just for my simple pleasure to read.

5.) I will be heading after work tomorrow night up with my husband to my parents cottage for Easter weekend and I am very excited about that. We will go to church Friday morning and have our big meal Friday evening. Then on Saturday my hunny and I will head to his parents for lunch and my parents are even joining us. I love that my parents and my inlaws get along so well. It makes the whole family bonds even stronger and family is so important to both my husband and I. Then on Sunday my husband and I will go to Sarnia to go to church with my sister and spend the day with her. So all in all it will be a busy weekend but a great one. Even if the weather doesn't hold up and the food sucks (which I know it won't) it will still be a great weekend as we celebrate the painful death but the glorious and triumphant Resurrection of our Savior. What a weekend we get to enjoy, embrace and thank Him for his sacrifice and his gift of hope. So I hope each one of you has a fabulous Easter whatever it may hold for you.

I was asked about my earlier post about "donkeys" in our lives - I will post about that tomorrow.Thanks to you who read this random post... Enjoy American Idol tonight - if you watch. I have my predictions of who will/should be kicked off but I've been wrong before - shocking I know- so we will see.


  1. I'll be praying for you and your friend! I hope you start feeling better. And don't tell me anything about American Idol, because we DVR'd it and I don't know anything!

  2. I love randonmess :) haha!!!! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!! Praying for you!!!