Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy Busy Busy.... Novemeber Already!

Well as if the title doesn't give it away, I have been busy busy busy! I guess I should say I've been moving, moving, moving. Both at work and at home. My company (that I work for) is in the middle of changing firms and so the last 2 weeks especially has been crazy doing paper work and legal stuff and on top of that when I get home in the evenings I've been packing packing for our move this weekend into our house!! Can I say FINALLY!! We bought our house back in June and actually closed the beginning of October but due to a difficult pregnancy with the previous owners of our house they couldn't get out until this week so we graciously let them stay but I am so anxious for them to get out so I can get in - Into my first house! I'm so excited and so is my husband but I am soooo tired. I wish I could report my extreme exhaustion is because I am pregnant but yet again its not. My stress levels are so high right now, I am having crazy sleepless night and have had 2 friends announce their pregnancy as well as 2 friends deliver their babies and my heart is happy for them yet it breaks all the same. My husband and I were out doing some running around this weekend when he looked at a little santa's costume for a newborn and looked at me and said "I can't wait till we have babies of our own" and man I melted. He knows how badly I want a baby and I always knew he wanted kids but I didn't realize he thought about it as often as he does. I am so thankful that I have a great husband and that we have each other. I do not take that for granted, not one day do I, but I would love for us to share in creating a family, but all in God's time right. I was talking to a friend the other day who said "I can't wait to see what God has in store for this year". And I couldn't help but agree but in the same breath I don't want to rush this year by just to see what is in store. I want to savour each day as the gift it is. Besides its pretty exciting to finally be buying our first house and its exciting because its November now and you know what that means...I can start decorating for Christmas soon in my very own house! I am reminded yet again today "God is good all the time, All the time God is Good". You may be in a funk, you may be having the worst day ever, you may be on cloud 9 whatever your feeling today claim that promise and hold on to it!


  1. Love your sweet spirit, and know in God's timing he will give you that family you so desire!!! :)

  2. Post pictures of the new house! That's so exciting.
    You know I continue to pray for you guys and your future family whenever I think of it.

  3. something about the long list of babies on the side of your blog makes me think that God is already using your maternal giftings for his purposes. Keep an open heart toward his plans for you, and know that families come in so many forms. I pray that you will be shown specifically where God is using the gifts he’s given you, areas where God is moving in your life, so that you will be comforted while you wait. Know that regardless of where he asks you to walk, you will be prepared and readied for that journey.

  4. Hey Katie, I left you an award on my blog!

  5. I'm glad you liked the award! Just save the image on your computer and post it on your blog with ten things about yourself, and it's all yours! *smile* You can also award it to other blogs if you so choose.
    I think your blog is great - definitely worth an award! *grin*