Thursday, November 26, 2009

A couple things....

I know some of you are asking for pictures of my new house - I promise to upload some once I get all my new furniture delivered so of which is coming from California so it is taking a bit longer. Let me say I am sorry I haven't been blogging we don't have the Internet at our house set up yet and I have been so swamped at work with us changing firms and everything that blogging has sadly taken the "backseat" so to say but that is not to say I haven't been reading all of yours because I do read them on my blackberry its just hard to type a post on it.

The real reason for this post is simply to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY AMERICAN BLOGGING FRIENDS! I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving spent with family and friends eating good food and remembering all we have to be thankful for. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner - it really is. I have slowly unboxed my Christmas decorations and I am having fun deciding how I want to decorate my house with them. OH I am looking forward to Christmas so much this year. It is always my favorite time of year but this year I am especially looking forward to celebrating it in my own home and especially looking forward to our trip to the states shopping because I am in desperate need of new clothing (ok Im not going around naked or anything but come on girls you know how it is when you haven't bought new clothes in sooooooo long) and I am looking forward to lots of time with family eating delicious Christmas baking and especially time to rest. The past few months have been so busy for me and my husband and with him working the night shift right now it makes out time together very limited so I am looking forward to having him to myself over the holiday.

So my American friends enjoy your Thanksgiving holidays, its kinda like a preChristmas special to get you in the mood for the Christmas holidays!


  1. You're so sweet to give a shout out to your American friends:) Even though I'm not really one, i'm still celebrating!
    Hope you're doing well, I love love love christmas too...

  2. I'm really excited for Christmas too! And still waiting for those pictures of your house . . . *wink*