Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speechless - yet have alot to say...

Well they did deliver the most "shocking" ending yet on the Bachelor but what a sad way to get people to watch the show. I really don't want to dwell on the show because it really is sad because marriage is a real thing and should be taken seriously. That being said I know that when girls/guys (bachelorette) go on the show they know they run the chance of being heart broken but come on to end your engagement on national television and then 30 minutes later be making out with the one you said goodbye to in the first place - definitely not classy and definitely gave him a bad name. I really liked Jason on the bachelorette and felt bad for him after DeAnna chose the other guy (whom I said she wouldn't be happy with and I was right but I think alot of people called that one) but after last night I definitely think alot less of him - not for changing his mind if thats really even what happend (he tends to make alot of excuse for his actions on the show - just be man enough to be honest) but for the way he played it all out and made it into a show. Dont get me started on Molly - I never really liked her in the first place but I thought she would be smart enough not to jump right back into his arms and be all kissing him after he just ended his engagement... I feel really badly for Melissa but ultimately Im glad she got let go before they got married. Her heart will heal but I worry about Ty. What is a 4 year old to make of this? Anyways I dont want to dwell on the show because honestly it was a disappointment and sad realization that so many in this world really doesn't see the commitment and sacredness of marriage and that is the biggest disappointment. So many are missing out on Gods greatest gift because their marriages aren't founded on His truth and love.

I would love to know others thoughts on the show even though we kinda already predicted this ending from rumours and sneak peaks it was still sad to just see it all played out.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far... to you out there who are reading this (and you know who you are) and haven't blogging in awhile get blogging... and you who read it but don't comment...please comment let me know you actually read this.

Keep warm out there and enjoy your Tuesday evening whatever it may hold.


  1. I totally agree that he is a slimeball! Melissa is going to better off, anyway..but I know her heart is broken!! Molly will probaby get her heart broken too, but serves her right considering the way she was acting toward him minutes after he dumped Melissa..Aghh! I tell you what..I never saw any of this coming!!

  2. well since i dont have tv, * poor me* and am handicaped and cant find it on the internet, I havent yet to see it, BUT I do know what happened and I am NOT impressed, however.... im not going to dwell on Jasons dumb move or Mollys irrational and impulsive decision, I will focus ont he good.... and that is the fact that jillian is going to be the bachelorette!! Woo Hoo!!