Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A new week...

*note this was written on Monday but not posted until Tuesday as I wanted to add pictures and didn't have my camera with me*

So another new week is here - another week to live this life God has so graciously given me to shine for him. Have you ever noticed it is so easy to be miserable and just be negative about things but it takes alot more work to thinking positively and be happy even in crappy situations... I am learning that alot lately. It is often humbling to come to God feeling broken, frustrated, hurt and lonley and just laying it all out for Him - after all he already knows us more intimately then we know ourselves and he knows our thoughts but he likes it when we voice them to him. I was talking to my grandma last night about miracles and how so often we limit God in his miracle ability skills... we say we believe he is able to do miracles but so often we think he needs our help to perform them or that he believe that miracles are only in the form of complete earthly healing or in the form of us getting exactly what we want... we fail to realize that a miracle could be done through him taking someone home to be with him, or a miracle could be done through him saying "no" to our desiers and wants... if we truly believe we serve and worship the Almighty One the creator of the world the one who loved us enough to give his only life then we need to truly hand over the keys of our lives or wants or wishes and we need to worship and praise him even when life throws us the most unwanted circumstance.

We had a fun yet busy week... Tom and I drove up to see his parents on Saturday for the day and we were able to spend some time with my sister in law and my niece and nephew which was fun. My mother in law and I went with my sister in law to look at bridesmaids dresses for my other sister in laws wedding this summer - which was fun for us girls to do and spend time together. We got home late Saturday night and we even lost a hour of sleep because of the day light saving .... Sunday we went to church and just relaxed in the afternoon and spend time together knowing that it would be a long week apart again. Tom is yes gone again this week but once again I am praising God that he has a job and my grandma has come home from spending 3 months out west with my family out there so she is staying with me this week which is nice to have company. I am looking forward to this weekend already because my sister is coming home and I so love spending whatever time I can with her. I am looking forward to watching the first episode of Dancing with the Stars tonight only because I heard rumour that Melissa from the Bachlor is going to be a competitor so that will be interesting to see. Hope everyone has a great night no matter what it may hold for you.

Here are a few pictures of the worlds best nieces and nephew.... I miss baby Paige so much though because I never get to see her as she lives out west but I will see her in July!! My Cole and Josie are so much fun too and I love them to pieces... I'm their Auntie so I have bragging rights!

Cole (age 6)

Josie (age 3)

Paige and Auntie Katie (age 7 months)


  1. You are so right about all you said! Thank you for challenging me to be aware of those miracles in my everyday life!!! I loved those pictures, so cute!! :o)

  2. Hello! I just wanted to say that I totally agree with what you said about miracles and God sometimes saying no. It's good to remember that God is sovereign and in control, and His ways are higher than ours.
    I recently found your blog and I've enjoyed reading it so far! I'm also a Christian, and my husband and I got married in July 2008 - it's nice to find another young married Christian on here! Drop by my blog sometime, if you're so inclined! I'll check back at your blog periodically too!