Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why blog??

Well I have been toying over writing a blog for a few days now - I want my blogs to be exciting and something that people want to read so I was thinking about the blogs I read and why I read them and there seems to be two things that stick out in my mind - Journeys and Babies.

The first reason that alot of the people who's blogs I read blog are about their babies/kiddies and well as of yet God has not seen fit to bless me with them.
My baby will be 3 in August... he has 4 limbs and sleeps through the nights, he wines to go for a walk when I get home from work, he has his favorite toy which is a mallar with a squeeky toy in it and he loves to run up and down the stairs after it. He is a blond coloured Chinese Shar Pei - I guess not much of a puppy anymore at the "grown" age of 2 1/2 but hes still my baby

The other group of blogs I read about are blogs about people whom God has on these incredible journeys . Some involve tragedy, others sickness but all of them have such incredible strength, hope and God is doing amazing things through them and their stories and well I guess I've been feeling like I don't have a great story or journey to share that people will want to read but I can be used by God to pray for these people. Everyone of us has a journey and even though it may not seem "exciting" or "interesting" it is because we get to share in it with the One who created the entire universe. He is the great Physician, The Healer, he is all knowing in what is best for our lives even though so often we think we KNOW what is best. So I will continue to blog about my "boring" life and hopefully I will gain some blogger friends who seem to find it interesting...

Continue to pray for my sweet friend who lost her husband in September. She did such an amazing job in Vegas and God is using her in not only my life but so many others. She is truly a women to be praised and is an inspiration to me. I also have another friend Jac who lost her best friend today. She was diagnoised a few weeks ago with a form of cancer and they told her there was nothing they could do. At they young age of 22 she is now in her true home in Heaven but pray for my friend Jac and her family as they humanly say their goodbyes here on earth till they meet again in Heaven. Grief is a real thing, and the pain of lose and death stings but we have that beautiful gift of hope and the promise we will see these dear people again. Well we are praying for people, because lets face it there IS power in prayer, please pray for my dear sweet cousin who is like a sister to me - her husbands boss and mentor Glenn was in an accident on Saturday and is in ICU with a brain injury and it does not look very good for him. So we pray that Gods will be done, not ours because His ways are much better than ours.

On a totally off topic note if anyone out there watches the Bachelor I just want to give my vote of disappointment that he sent Jillian home - first off she is Canadian come on have to cheer for her right there and secondly I just really liked her and thought she would at least make it to the final two. I still don't understand how any girls want to be on that show and go through what they do but I guess that is our society... and the TV producers will keep producing these shows cause lets see WE WATCH THEM!!


  1. Katie I just wanted to tell you that I do enjoy your blogs. I will be praying for your cousin's husbands boss. There seems to be alot of things happening lately. A friend of mine at work just lost her cousin due to 2 anurisms. (excuse spelling) He was only 27 and has 2 small children and one on the way. You just never know whats gonna happen from day to day!!!!! Life is so fragile!!!!

  2. every life is in incredible journey
    even if you think it might not be as exciting as someone elses at the time.
    i read your blog
    it must be at least SEMI interesting ;)
    thanks for the love and prayers
    it means alot

  3. Cute blog!! And I got the bedding at Target..I ordered online..and it wasn't that badly priced!

  4. dearest sister. just look at you... my little blogger.... AND you have lots of people who are lovin on you....:) told ya you could do it! keep them coming.... i love hearing your heart! and send all my love to Dukey Boy.... see ya soon!

  5. New to your blog and love reading it:) And will be back to read too:) Blogging is good for the mind and a good way to journal the place you are in your life right now;)
    I will pray for your friend.. breaks my heart.. oh and loved jillian too!