Monday, February 2, 2009

New To This Blogging World...

Well I started following some peoples blogs after a sad event that happened to a friend back in September. I started finding myself checking her blog for updates daily and from there I found other blogs that were interesting ect so after much thought I have decided to enter this blogging world, not that I have really anything important to say, but there has to be someone out there that will find me interesting... hahaha... so today is my 24th birthday and I thought what better way to mark this new year then to start blogging... so here goes... remember I am new to this so any tips are greatly appreciated!! Hopefully this will be a great experience to make new friends and to encourage one another.


  1. yeah for blogging :) now we can know whats going on in eachothers lives!! miss and love ya!

  2. write another blog!!! common I am so schooling you on this!