Friday, February 6, 2009

Its Friday and Post # 2...

Well I challenged my sister to start blogging because well she is smart and has alot of good things to she finally has gotten on board with this blogging thing and she already has to great posts... see to check them out but I guess I should atleast attempt post #2. Well its Friday and Im sure like me you love fridays... it always means the weekend unless you work weekends but for most of us it means no work, sleeping in, hanging out with family and friends. This weekend I will not be relaxing as much as I would like to be as I have not been feeling well this week but I will be going to my cousins baby shower which will be exciting for her but hard for me and then I will be going out with my hunny to some friends house for dinner which I am looking forward to as I haven't seen them in a few months. Well I am kinda discouraged at the fact noone is checking out my blog... I wish I knew more about this blogging stuff so I could be one of those super bloggers - you know the ones I mean that people wake up every morning and want to check because you know they will have a new post up and they are so interesting to read... yeah I wanna be one of those bloggers... I wonder if there is bloging classes... doubtful but I guess the old saying may be true... pratice makes a practice I will. Have a great weekend anyone who reads this... and I promise I will work at this blogging thing if not for myself to gain more friends but for my sister who I challenged to start blogging.


  1. woo hoo! post #2! thanks for the shout outs.... but really you should lie... im not good at this yet... i keep meaing to blog more, but i never get around to it. And he , chin up missy, you ONLY started blogging... its not gonna happen over night... you gotta advertise... aka put it on fb like you just did... keep up the good work and keep those thoughts a commin!

  2. Well, Katie I want to encourage you:) I saw that you started a blog on facebook and thought I will check it out and now I'm gonna try to check it out regularly!!! I'm gonna put your blogging address in my favourites!! Can't wait to read more!!!